'This isn't Forgotten'

 Ex-Great Canadian Gaming CEO is Court No-Show on Covid Vaccine Tourism Rap 

Previous Great Canadian Gaming CEO Rod Baker and his better half Ekaterina, a trying entertainer, were glad to fly from Vancouver to Yukon purportedly to bounce the COVID immunization line. However, they weren't so anxious to rehash the excursion to show up in court Tuesday. 


The Globe and Mail reports that the Bakers neglected to go to their first court hearing for defying Yukon isolate norms. Their attorney, Jennie Cunningham, was available, nonetheless, and effectively applied for a dismissal for about fourteen days. She refered to progressing conversations between the Crown investigator and the couple's legitimate delegates. 

The couple were charged on January 23 in the wake of accepting their immunizations in Beaver Creek, a little local area a short distance from the Alaska line. The town is home to the White River First Nation and was among the primary networks in Canada to get the shot. 

Gaming the System 

The Bakers, who are 55 and 32, sanctioned a departure from Yukon capital Whitehorse to an airstrip a mile outside Beaver Creek. There, they supposedly told staff at a versatile immunization center they had been as of late employed as lodging laborers and were subsequently qualified for the punch. 

In any case, the couple stood apart like moguls at a distant Yukon portable inoculation center. They were halted on their re-visitation of Whitehorse Airport and charged under the Civil Emergency Measures Act with neglecting to self-disengage for 14 days and "neglecting to act in a way steady with their presentations after showing up in the Yukon." They were at first fined C$2,300. 

However, the account of the two well off immunization sightseers hit a crude nerve, and not simply among the local area they negligently jeopardized. The story stood out as truly newsworthy all throughout the planet. Yukon specialists investigated the matter and the charges were overhauled. Presently the couple could look as long as a half year in jail. 

In the interim, they are not expected to get their second portion of the immunization until eight or nine months after their first. 

'This isn't Forgotten' 


The Globe and Mail addressed one lady who had made the five-hour drive from Beaver Creek to Whitehorse in anticipation of seeing the Bakers considered answerable for their conduct. Janet VanderMeer was in the line with the couple at the center, alongside her old mother who is getting palliative consideration.


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