VB 1953 for Acne (June 16, 2020)

 World Acne Market Spotlight Report 2021: Treatment, Epidemiology, Marketed Drugs, Pipeline Drugs, Recent Events, Regulatory Events, Revenue Opportunity, Clinical Trial Landscape 

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Apr 14, 2021, 16:30 ET 


DUBLIN, April 14, 2021/PRNewswire/ - The "Market Spotlight: Acne" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's contribution. 

This Market Spotlight report covers the Acne market, involving key promoted and pipeline drugs, late occasions and investigator assessment, clinical preliminaries, forthcoming and administrative occasions, likelihood of achievement, a 10-year infection commonness figure, and authorizing and procurement bargains, just as introducing drug-explicit income gauges. 

Key Takeaways 

The distributer appraises that in 2019, there were around 612.5 million predominant instances of skin break out around the world, and gauges that number to increment to 658.6 million common cases by 2028. 

Affirmed drugs in the skin inflammation space center around a wide assortment of targets. These medications are managed through the oral and skin courses. 

Most of industry-supported medications in dynamic clinical improvement for skin inflammation are in Phase II, with simply a solitary item in the NDA/BLA stage. 

Treatments being developed for skin inflammation center around a wide assortment of targets. Most of the pipeline drugs are controlled through the skin course, with the rest of oral, subcutaneous, intranasal, or intravenous definitions. 

The solitary high-sway impending occasion for drugs in the skin inflammation space is a normal PDUFA date for Twyneo. The general probability of endorsement of a Phase I dermatology-general resource is 20.2%, and the normal likelihood a medication progresses from Phase III is 68%. By and large, require 8.8 years from Phase I to endorsement in the dermatology-general space, just as in the general dermatology space. 

The circulation of clinical preliminaries across Phase I-IV demonstrates that most of preliminaries for skin inflammation have been in the late periods of improvement, with 52% of preliminaries in Phase III-IV, and 48% in Phase I-II. 

The US has a generous lead in the quantity of skin inflammation clinical preliminaries around the world. Germany drives the significant European business sectors, while Japan has the best position in Asia. 


Clinical preliminary movement in the skin inflammation space is overwhelmed by finished preliminaries. GlaxoSmithKline has the most noteworthy number of finished clinical preliminaries for skin break out, with 35 preliminaries. 

GlaxoSmithKline drives industry supports with by a wide margin the most noteworthy generally number of clinical preliminaries for skin inflammation, trailed by AbbVie. 

Key Topics Covered: 





Effective treatment 

Fundamental treatment 

Actual medicines 

The study of disease transmission 

Showcased DRUGS 



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